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SOC-C Modular Padded Belt

SOC-C Modular Padded Belt

The “warbelt” is an innovative solution that made its first distinction shortly after the Civil War. The SOC-C™ Modular belt has pushed the evolution of the modular belt system even further. Well adapted to the dynamic necessities of first-line gear – from the warfighter to the competition shooter – the SOC-C™ allows the user to securely keep all their absolute critical medical, E&E, administrative, and secondary weapon and mags close to hand and always available.

The SOC-C™ Padded Belt is appreciated in hot climates -whether it’s in the Sandbox or even the southern or western States. Having essential gear on the waist minimizes some of the bulk off the chest and back- enabling the user to be cooler and quicker than traditional setups. Deploying in and out of vehicles is also easier and with less bulk and snags.

Even considering more subjective SHTF emergency situations, the belt can be kept loaded in a bag in the trunk or closet, ready to go. Once equipped, the belt can be coiled around itself minimizing bulk and size.

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