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Tactical Development Group " TACTICAL DEV.GRU. "

Tactical Development Group (Tactical DEV.GRU.) is  Tactical Equipment development and reserch department.



Our team have been trained by the big experience developed on the The Warrior Spirit® products which have the best attention on the continuous upgrading and our “mission” is to make your idea or your draft a “real equipment” passing throught a specific project to make it going along with you in the hardest real fields.

If the ideas became real thanks to our accurate work, why don't make this work available for all the beloved Tactical Equipment customers?

For this reason by now is available for you a planning and production service made by the Tactical DEV.GRU. to optimize and make real you project of the project of your team. 

For example you will be able to have your backpack done on your personal needs, your “unique” combat uniform or your tactical vest, all done with the materials and features you prefer!

And even if you can't complete you project to the 100%, don't worry! We will advise and guide you step by step to the final goal. Even starting only from an idea without a real draft we will be able to

give you some drafts and together we will build it until the production.

Contact us for further informations!